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The Construction Process

It may be hard to imagine that your new manufactured, modular and mobile home could be built in a factory, but compared to building on-site, there are some big advantages:

  • Controlled environment – Homes built in a factory aren’t exposed to the elements, such as: extreme weather conditions, vandalism, or theft.
  • Time – Electrical, plumbing, and every other construction aspect is done at the factory. This eliminates the scheduling hassles that slow down site-built construction.
  • Cost – Building a factory-crafted home produces very little waste – and, because we buy construction materials in large quantities, we can offer lower prices back to you.
  • Quality – Each manufactured or mobile home we sell meets or exceeds the code requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And they are carefully tested and inspected.

Construction Highlights

Skilled craftsmen execute thousands of tasks on every manufactured, modular and mobile home we sell. Here are some highlights of the factory-construction process for many of the homes we sell:

  • Steel cross members and outriggers are welded to massive steel I-beams to form the base frame. The underlying base frames are engineered to support the weight of the structure and meet federal building codes.
  • Floor joists are laid over the base frame. Insulation, heat ducts, and plumbing are installed.
  • Flooring is fastened and adhered to the floor joists.
  • While the frame is constructed, the walls are built.
  • Once the walls are installed, truss rafters are attached and high-grade insulation is put in.
  • Roof sheathing and roofing paper are installed. This is sealed with tar three feet from the edge for extra protection. The roof is then shingled. This process varies by home type.
  • All interior finish work is done, including installation of custom cabinetry from our industry-leading cabinet shops.
  • Siding is mounted and windows are set.
  • Multi-section homes are checked to ensure seams and patterns match, a final inspection is conducted, and the home is prepared for transportation.